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1. Stone Laser Carving Machine

The Laser carving machine is used to carve all kinds of the desiges or words by high-speed & movie carving on the nature stone, It can feed back images throught the chromatic aberration, especially the dark color stone.

2. Stone Computer Carving Machine

It is the only one carving machine that carves by high-tech digital & high-speed complete automatic on all kinds nuture stone, moreover, successed in the bent and cylinder carving funcing empolder, recentlly.

3. ZKJ20 Type Stone Drill

Function space:900mm
Power:3/4kw (Double Velocity

4.SLQ50 Type Stone Manual Cut Machine

Max. Diameter: 600mm
Transverse Horizontal: 1200mm
Upright Horizontal: 550mm
Portrait Horizontal: 1400mm

5.ZQW-3000 All-purpose Shape-profiling Stone Cutting Machine

Power of maindrive: 5.5kw
Processing length: 1200mm
Dimension: 2600x1200x 1000mm
Diameter of the pillar: 30cm
Diameter of the blade: 300mm, 600mm Weight: 1.5t
Style: Stepless speed adjusting

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