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Monument Gallery-10.Gravestone marker
Granite cemetery markers are flat memorials also known as grass markers or flush markers. Flat Cemetery markers are easier to maintain than upright memorials and give the cemetery a park-like appearance. We offer many kinds and a variety of shapes of flush markers for you. Custom design are also available. Please feel free to contact us for the prices and other information.
Finished way:
1. polish top, balance sawn 2. polish top. Balance rock pitched ( natural surface)
3. other finished way available as requested
Popular dimension of flush marker:
Thickness 4inch series: Dimension of bevel Markers :
16"x8"x4" / 20"x10"x4" / 24"x12"x4" 16"x8"x6" / 16"x8"x8" / 20"x10" x6"
30"x12"x4" / 36"x12"x4" / 42"x12"x4" 20"x10"x8" / 24"x12"x6" / 24"x12"x 8"
42"x14"x4" / 48"x12"x4" / 48"x14"x4" 30"x12"x6" / 30"x12"x8" / 36"x12"x 6"
Thickness 6inch series: 36"x12"x8"
24"x12"x6" / 36"x12"x6" / 42"x12"x6"
42"x14"x6" / 48"x12"x6" / 48"x14"x6"
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