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Monument Gallery-3.Canopy headstone
Headstone: popular thickness: 3" 4" 6" 8" Basement: popular height: 3" 4" 6" 8"
17"x20"  /  20"x24"  /  21"x27"  /  24"x24" 23"x12"  /  18"x12"  /  24"x12"  /  30"x12"
24"x30"  /  30"x36"  /  42"x22"  /  42"x24" 34"x12"  /  36"x12"  /  42"x12"  /  48"x12"
48"x24"  /  48"x26"  /  48"x28"  /  60"x28" 48"x14"  /  60"x12"  /  60"x14"  /  66"x12"
60"x30" 66"x14"
Custom designs and dimensions are available. Please feel free to contact us for the prices and other information.
Code: canopy-1
Material: black granite
Code: canopy-1
Material: bahama blue
Code: canopy-2
Code: canopy-3
Code: canopy-4
Code: canopy-5
Code: canopy-6
Code: canopy-7
Code: canopy-8 (bahama blue)
Code: canopy-8 (black)
Code: canopy-9
Code: canopy-9
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