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Manufacturing Russian Style black granite monuments,tombstone

Manufacturing Russian Style black granite monuments,tombstone,fences ,Vertical sites monuments, Horizontal monuments .The monument, engraved with a photograph, name, years of life and the epitaph - this is the last that remains after the person. Photos of missing personal belongings are lost, and after a few generations are disappearing, and memories. Granite monument to remain in its original form almost half a thousand years. Children, grandchildren, grandchildren and great-great-grandson will be able to arrive at the grave of their relatives, to bring flowers, remember. That is, the characters create a link between generations. JSC "Alishan Stone" has its own strong base for the production of monuments from granite, marble and other materials, which allows to keep low prices with high quality products. The four cemeteries are represented by granite shops and retail outlets the company.


We have more than ten years' experience supplying best quality granite monuments, tombstones, headstones, gravestones and memorial sto all of the world, we are the granite monument and tombstone factory, manufacturer, supplier and exporter of England Style Memorials, American Style Monuments, French Style Tombstones, Spain Style Gravestones, Poland Style Monuments, Australia Style tombstones, Italian Style monuments etc. in China.

1)Shape Design Available: “S” Shape monuments, Serpentine headstones, Oval, Apex, Tear Drop, Roof, Gothic, Scroll, Heart tombstones, Cross, Wing, Book, Pillar, Gate, Canopy, Chapel memorials, Pagoda, Rock(Natural) gravestones, Tree carving, Flower carving and etching, Animal carving, Angel carving shape monuments, etc.

2)Monument Styles Available: including lawn plaque, slant headstone, bevel marker, pillow marker, desktop wedge memorials, upright headstone, single monument, companion monuments, Kerb-set Monument with cover slab or ledger, Double monument, Multiple Monument, Garden Bed Monuments, Children Memorials, Pet Monument, Mausoleum, Obelisk, Vase, Bench, Urn, Candle Holder, etc.

3) Color Available: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Grey, White, Pink, Brown, Multicolor etc. Such as Shanxi Black, China Black, Mogolia Black, Fengzheng Black, Black Galaxy, Impala Black, G654, G684 Black Pearl, G633, G603, G562, G682, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Ruby Red, Multicolor Red, Aurora, Paradiso, Bahama Blue, Orion, White Marble monument, tombstone, memorials, etc

4)Finishes Available:Polished, honed, ground, chiselled, rough picked, fine picked, carved monuments, etching memorials.

5)Headstone sandblast, lettering & colorized, monument statues and carving, memorial etching(shadow carving), tombstone inlay decoration are all available.

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